Is Your Water Line Leaking?

Is Your Water Line Leaking?

Turn to us for commercial leak detection in Marcy, Verona, Utica or New Hartford, NY

Stevener’s Backhoe Service has repaired numerous water main breaks. Through our experience, there are many challenges in finding where the leak is. When a water main breaks underground, there are many paths water can take. Some water leaks do not make it to the surface for quite some time.

Additionally, water follows a path of least resistance. When it surfaces, it does not mean that it is the location of the leak. It is not uncommon to find the actual leak a great distance away from where the water came to the surface. Traditionally, the only way to find the actual leak would be to continue digging along the main until you find the actual leak. This not only increases the cost of the job but creates more damage to your property.

Today, technology is available to find these leaks. We have invested in underground leak detection equipment that identifies leaks using the acoustic sounds generated by water escaping a broken pipe. Leak detectors are sensitive and accurate. They include a visual display of the noise signals detected by the microphone and sensor data. In layman’s terms, we can isolate a leak thus enabling us to dig at leak location accurately.

If there is a leak in your water line and it is after the meter, you are paying for water that is leaking into the ground. With our leak detection equipment, we can do a non-invasive analysis of your water lines. The process does not require digging to find the leak, ultimately saving time and valuable property.

For commercial leak repair at your place of business, look no further than Stevener's Backhoe Service. Email us today to schedule a service.

Detect a leak without costly excavation

Commercial leak detection doesn't require tearing up your business' lawn or parking lot. Our noninvasive approach keeps your land intact until we need to perform repairs. Our service also provides you with an inspection of your water line to make sure everything else is working properly.

If you're experiencing low water pressure, dirty water or high water bills, you may have a major leak. Get the commercial leak repair you need by dialing 315-733-6162 now.