Steveners Backhoe Service has provided commercial snowplowing for over 40 years.

Our fleet of plow trucks, salters, loaders with push blades, and other assets are sure to provide you with reliable service that one would expect to keep their businesses open during our typical harsh upstate New York winters.

When winter storms hit, we deploy our team and do not stop until the storm is over and your property is returned to normal operating conditions.

Our contracts are tailor made to your specifications as to the service(s) you request:
•Snowplowing Only
•Snowplowing and salting
•Sidewalk maintenance
•Snow Abatement both onsite and haul away

Our most common contracts are:

Our most common contracts are:


From first snowfall to last snowfall.

Per Time:

Billed monthly for all services performed.

We are fully insured and will provide a COI upon execution of contract.